Addendum to “lower Algebraic K-theory of Hyperbolic 3-simplex Reflection Groups.”

  title={Addendum to “lower Algebraic K-theory of Hyperbolic 3-simplex Reflection Groups.”},
  author={CHARLES WEIBEL},
  • Published 2008
In this addendum we explicitly compute the Bass Nil-groups NKi(Z[C4]) for i = 0, 1 and NK0(Z[D4]). We also show that NK1(Z[D4]) is not trivial. Here C4 denotes the cyclic group of order 4 and D4 is the dihedral group of order 8. In [LO], Lafont and Ortiz computed the lower algebraic K-theory of the integral group ring of all 32 hyperbolic 3-simplex reflection groups (see [LO, Tables 6–7]). For 25 of these integral group rings, their computation was completely explicit. For the remaining 7… CONTINUE READING
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