Addendum: Multiscale metallic metamaterials.


Addendum: Multiscale metallic metamaterials Xiaoyu Zheng, William Smith, Julie Jackson, Bryan Moran, Huachen Cui, Da Chen, Jianchao Ye, Nicholas Fang, Nicholas Rodriguez, Todd Weisgraber and Christopher M. Spadaccini Nature Materials 15, 1100–1106 (2016); published online 18 July 2016; corrected after print 7 March 2017. In the version of this Article… (More)
DOI: 10.1038/nmat4882


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@article{Zheng2017AddendumMM, title={Addendum: Multiscale metallic metamaterials.}, author={Xiaoyu Zheng and W. L. Smith and Julie Ann Jackson and Bryan D. Moran and Huachen Cui and Da Chen and Jianchao Ye and Nicholas X Fang and Nicholas Rodriguez and Todd H. Weisgraber and Christopher M. Spadaccini}, journal={Nature materials}, year={2017}, volume={16 4}, pages={497} }