Adaptive optics: wave-front correction by use of adaptive filtering and control.


A class of adaptive-optics problems is described in which phase distortions caused by atmospheric turbulence are corrected by adaptive wave-front reconstruction with a deformable mirror, i.e., the control loop that drives the mirror adapts in real time to time-varying atmospheric conditions, as opposed to the linear time-invariant control loops used in conventional adaptive optics. The basic problem is posed as an adaptive disturbance-rejection problem with many channels. The solution given is an adaptive feedforward control loop built around a multichannel adaptive lattice filter. Simulation results are presented for a 1-m telescope with both one-layer and two-layer atmospheric turbulence profiles. These results demonstrate the significant improvement in imaging resolution produced by the adaptive control loop compared with a classical linear time-invariant control loop.

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@article{Gibson2000AdaptiveOW, title={Adaptive optics: wave-front correction by use of adaptive filtering and control.}, author={James Steven Gibson and Cheng Chang and Brent Ellerbroek}, journal={Applied optics}, year={2000}, volume={39 16}, pages={2525-38} }