Adaptive mechanisms that preserve cardiac function in mice without myoglobin.

  title={Adaptive mechanisms that preserve cardiac function in mice without myoglobin.},
  author={Annette P. Meeson and Natalie Radford and John M Shelton and Pradeep Puthenveetil Abraham Mammen and J. Michael DiMaio and Katherine A Hutcheson and Young-Yun Kong and Joel B Elterman and R. Sanders Williams and Daniel J. Garry},
  journal={Circulation research},
  volume={88 7},
Mice lacking myoglobin survive to adulthood and meet the circulatory demands of exercise and pregnancy without cardiac decompensation. In the present study, we show that many myoglobin-deficient embryos die in utero at midgestation with signs of cardiac failure. Fetal mice that survive to gestational day 12.5, however, suffer no subsequent excess mortality. Survival in the absence of myoglobin is associated with increased vascularity and the induction of genes encoding the hypoxia-inducible… CONTINUE READING


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