Adaptive evolution of pelvic reduction in sticklebacks by recurrent deletion of a Pitx1 enhancer.

  title={Adaptive evolution of pelvic reduction in sticklebacks by recurrent deletion of a Pitx1 enhancer.},
  author={Yingguang Frank Chan and Melissa E Marks and Felicity C. Jones and Guadalupe Villarreal and Michael D. Shapiro and Shannon D. Brady and Audrey M. Southwick and Devin M Absher and Gerald A Tuskan and Jeremy Schmutz and Richard M. Myers and Dmitri Petrov and Bjarni J{\'o}nsson and Dolph Schluter and Michael A. Bell and David M. Kingsley},
  volume={327 5963},
The molecular mechanisms underlying major phenotypic changes that have evolved repeatedly in nature are generally unknown. Pelvic loss in different natural populations of threespine stickleback fish has occurred through regulatory mutations deleting a tissue-specific enhancer of the Pituitary homeobox transcription factor 1 (Pitx1) gene. The high prevalence of deletion mutations at Pitx1 may be influenced by inherent structural features of the locus. Although Pitx1 null mutations are lethal in… CONTINUE READING
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