Adaptive divergence in pigment composition promotes phytoplankton biodiversity

  title={Adaptive divergence in pigment composition promotes phytoplankton biodiversity},
  author={Maayke Stomp and Jef Huisman and F. C. M. de Jongh and Annelies J Veraart and Daan J. Gerla and Machteld Rijkeboer and Bas W Ibelings and Ute I. A. Wollenzien and Lucas J. Stal},
The dazzling diversity of the phytoplankton has puzzled biologists for decades. The puzzle has been enlarged rather than solved by the progressive discovery of new phototrophic microorganisms in the oceans, including picocyanobacteria, pico-eukaryotes, and bacteriochlorophyll-based and rhodopsin-based phototrophic bacteria. Physiological and genomic studies suggest that natural selection promotes niche differentiation among these phototrophic microorganisms, particularly with respect to their… CONTINUE READING