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Adaptive Zeroing-Type Neural Dynamics for Solving Quadratic Minimization and Applied to Target Tracking

  title={Adaptive Zeroing-Type Neural Dynamics for Solving Quadratic Minimization and Applied to Target Tracking},
  author={Hui-Long He and Chengze Jiang and Yudong Zhang and Xiuchun Xiao and Zhiyuan Song},
The time-varying quadratic minimization (TVQM) problem, as a hotspot currently, urgently demands a more reliable and faster–solving model. To this end, a novel adaptive coefficient constructs framework is presented and realized to improve the performance of the solution model, leading to the adaptive zeroing-type neural dynamics (AZTND) model. Then the AZTND model is applied to solve the TVQM problem. The adaptive coefficients can adjust the step size of the model online so that the solution model… 

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