Adaptive State-of-Charge Estimation Based on a Split Battery Model for Electric Vehicle Applications

  title={Adaptive State-of-Charge Estimation Based on a Split Battery Model for Electric Vehicle Applications},
  author={Jufeng Yang and Bing Xia and Chenghui Zhang and Wenxin Huang and Chunting Chris Mi},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology},
The conventional state-of-charge (SoC) estimation methods based on the equivalent circuit model (ECM) integrate all state variables into one augmented state vector. However, the correlations between RC voltages and SoC degrade the stability and accuracy of the estimates. To address this problem, this paper presents an adaptive SoC estimation method based on the split battery model, which divides the conventional augmented battery model into two submodels: the RC voltage submodel and the SoC… CONTINUE READING


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