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Adaptive Software Development: A Collaborative Approach to Managing Complex Systems

  title={Adaptive Software Development: A Collaborative Approach to Managing Complex Systems},
  author={Jim Highsmith},
Highsmith, Addison-Wesley, 2013, 0133489485, 9780133489484, 392 pages. This is the digital version of the printed book (Copyright В© 2000). Ð’Â Winner of the 2001 Software Development Jolt Product Excellence Award Ð’Â This innovative textÐ’Â offers a practical, realistic approach to managing high-speed, high-change software development projects. Consultant James A. Highsmith shows readers how to increase collaboration and adapt to uncertainty. Ð’Â Many organizations start high-speed, high… 
Fast development Extreme Programming (XP)
This paper summarizes the emergence of agile methodologies, their values, principles and some comparisons with traditional methodologies and eXtreme Programming, the most popular agile methodology today, is described almost in cellular form.
A Concept-Centric Environment for Software Evolution in an Agile Contextards an Open Adaptive Development Environment
This dissertation presents a concept-centric environment which is based upon a symbiotic integration of the programming environment (code level) and the domain knowledge environment (concept level) which allows a developer to capture domain knowledge in an explicit form, which is coupled to the corresponding implementation.
A Novel Activity-Based Costing for Modern Software Development —An Implementation of Cloud-Based Application
This article proposes a series of processes co-existing with the current daily practice of software engineering that can help the IT staff to manage the task management well, and can let the management accountant be aware of the imposed costs of the development activities by applying the Activity-Based Costing.
Lean Software Development: An Agile Toolkit
Lean Software Development helps you refocus development on value, flow, and people--so you can achieve breakthrough quality, savings, speed, and business alignment.
Lean, light, adaptive, agile and appropriate software development: the case for a less methodical methodology
Historically, the approach to sotware engineering has been based on a search for an optimal (ideal) methodology -- that is, the identification and application of a set of processes, methods and tools
Software quality and assurance in waterfall model and XP: a comparative study
The waterfall model is compared with agile processes to show how agile methods achieve software quality under time pressure and in an unstable requirements environment, and a detailed waterfall model showing its software quality support processes is presented.
An Investigation of Software Development Process Terminology
This paper explores the problem of a proliferation of language and term usage in the software development process domain, and identifies a technique suited to addressing this concern: the establishment of a canonical software process ontological model.
How to steer an embedded software project: tactics for selecting the software process model
A knowledge-based framework for extracting components in agile systems development
This paper presents a knowledge-based framework to select and customize software components and demonstrates its value in deriving quality specifications, even when the developers are relatively inexperienced.
Challenges in adopting a Devops approach to software development and operations
This thesis studies the challenges of Devops by interviewing nine experts who had been involved with Devops initiatives in their companies and found aligning existing organizational processes such as the change management process to accommodate the new way of working was found challenging.


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