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Adaptive Output Consensus For Multi-Agent Systems With An Uncertain Leader

  title={Adaptive Output Consensus For Multi-Agent Systems With An Uncertain Leader},
  author={Shimin Wang and Xiangyu Meng},
In this technical note, the leader-following output consensus problem is studied for a class of multi-agent systems subject to an uncertain leader system. The leader system is described by the sum of sinusoids with unknown amplitudes, frequencies and phases. A distributed adaptive observer is established for each agent to estimate the state of the leader even if the agent cannot directly access the output signal of the leader. It is shown that if the output signal of the leader is sufficiently… 

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This paper shows that this adaptive distributed observer is capable of estimating the unknown parameter vector of the leader system exponentially as long as the leader's signal is persistently exciting, and solves the cooperative output regulation problem of linear heterogeneous multi-agent systems subject to an uncertain leader system.

The Leader-Following Consensus for Multiple Uncertain Euler-Lagrange Systems With an Adaptive Distributed Observer

A distributed adaptive controller is developed utilizing an adaptive distributed observer to solve the leader-following consensus problem for multiple uncertain Euler-Lagrange systems without assuming that all the followers need to know the system matrix of the leader system.

Adaptive Leader-Following Consensus for Multiple Euler–Lagrange Systems With an Uncertain Leader System

An adaptive distributed observer is established for a neutrally stable linear leader system whose system matrix is not known exactly and an adaptive distributed control law is synthesized to solve the leader-following consensus problem of multiple EL systems via the certainty equivalence principle.

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It is shown that by the proposed control law, consensus of multiple uncertain Euler–Lagrange systems can be achieved in spite of unknown dynamic leader systems.

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Cooperative Adaptive Output Regulation for Second-Order Nonlinear Multiagent Systems With Jointly Connected Switching Networks

  • Wei LiuJie Huang
  • Mathematics
    IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems
  • 2018
This paper generalizes the result of the adaptive distributed observer from undirected jointly connected switching networks to directed jointlyconnected switching networks and converts the problem into the cooperative global robust stabilization problem of a more complex augmented system via the distributed internal model principle.