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Adaptive Data Management for Air Quality Visualization on Mobile Device

  title={Adaptive Data Management for Air Quality Visualization on Mobile Device},
  author={Hansoo Kim and Hyungseok Kim},
The urban environment is where an increasing share of the world’s population resides, where the most commercial energy is consumed, and where the impacts of pollution are imposed the most. In the urban environment, because of its complex structure, the air pollution appears unpredictable covering narrow area. The AirScope system is developed for that kind of micro-scale air pollution management [1]. It employed virtual reality based visualization system for users and implemented it on desktop… Expand


AirScope: A Micro-Scale Urban Air Quality Management System
The test result shows that it is feasible to adopt sensor networks for micro-scale monitoring and sensor management system and web-based information portal to be used by citizens whenever the information is needed is built. Expand
Air pollution dispersion within urban street canyons
Abstract A semi-empirical mathematical model, Urban Street Model (USM), is proposed to efficiently estimate the dispersion of vehicular air pollution in cities. This model describes urban buildingExpand
Modelling urban air pollution in Espoo, Finland
Abstract The main objective of this study is to analyse quantitatively the influence of urban air pollution on the health of children. For this aim, one has to analyse the concentrations ofExpand
Visualization Exploration and Encapsulation via a Spreadsheet-Like Interface
By encapsulating the visualization process, redundant exploration is eliminated and collaboration is facilitated, and the efficacy of this novel interface is demonstrated through examples using a variety of data sets in different domains. Expand
A proper choice of route significantly reduces air pollution exposure--a study on bicycle and bus trips in urban streets.
The study indicates that a web based route planner for selecting the low exposure route through the city might be a good service for the public, and the public may be advised to travel outside rush hour time periods. Expand
A Tri-Space Visualization Interface for Analyzing Time-Varying Multivariate Volume Data
A new visualization interface addressing the capability to explore simultaneously in the temporal, spatial, and variable domains of the data is presented, which offers scientists new power to study their time-varying, multivariate volume data. Expand
Multiscale Time Activity Data Exploration via Temporal Clustering Visualization Spreadsheet
A method to explore data at different temporal resolutions to discover and highlight data based upon time-varying trends, using the wavelet transform along the time axis to transform data points into multi-scale time series curve sets. Expand
Typical building arrangements along urban roads and their parameters were determined for three cities in the south-western part of Germany. Some examples of the dispersion of vehicle emissions withinExpand
Time histograms for large, time-dependent data
TimeHistograms are presented, which are an extension to standard histograms that take time into account, and in several 2D and 3D views, the data is presented in different ways that allow the user to understand different aspects of the temporal development of a dimension. Expand
Parallel coordinates: a tool for visualizing multi-dimensional geometry
  • A. Inselberg, B. Dimsdale
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings of the First IEEE Conference on Visualization: Visualization `90
  • 1990
The representation of a class of convex and non-convex hypersurfaces is discussed together with an algorithm for constructing and displaying any interior point and the display shows some local properties of the hypersurface and provides information on the point's proximity to the boundary. Expand