Adaptive Control of Epileptic Seizures using Reinforcement Learning

  title={Adaptive Control of Epileptic Seizures using Reinforcement Learning},
  author={Prakash Panangaden and Robert Kaplow and Cosmin Paduraru and Amin Atrash and Keith Bush and Jordan Frank and Mahdi Milani Fard and St{\'e}phane Ross and Robert West and Julien Villemure and Gheorge Comanici and Monica Dinculescu},
This thesis presents a new methodology for automatically learning an optimal neurostimulation strategy for the treatment of epilepsy. The technical challenge is to automatically modulate neurostimulation parameters, as a function of the observed field potential recording, so as to minimize the frequency and duration of seizures. The methodology leverages recent techniques from the machine learning literature, in particular the reinforcement learning paradigm, to formalize this optimization… CONTINUE READING