Adaptive Background Modeling for Paused Object Regions

  title={Adaptive Background Modeling for Paused Object Regions},
  author={A. Shimada and Satoshi Yoshinaga and R. Taniguchi},
  booktitle={ACCV Workshops},
  • A. Shimada, Satoshi Yoshinaga, R. Taniguchi
  • Published in ACCV Workshops 2010
  • Computer Science
  • Background modeling has been widely researched to detect moving objects from image sequences. Most approaches have a falsenegative problem caused by a stopped object. When a moving object stops in an observing scene, it will be gradually trained as background since the observed pixel value is directly used for updating the background model. In this paper, we propose 1) a method to inhibit background training, and 2) a method to update an original background region occluded by stopped object. We… CONTINUE READING
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