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Adapting to Term Limits: Recent Experiences and New Directions

  title={Adapting to Term Limits: Recent Experiences and New Directions},
  author={Bruce E. Cain and Thad Kousser},
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Term Limits and Legislative-Executive Conflict in the American States

State governments have experienced considerable institutional change in the last several decades. None appeared at first glance to be as far-reaching as the legislative term limits that were adopted

The Limited Impact of Term Limits: Contingent Effects on the Complexity and Breadth of Laws

  • Thad Kousser
  • Political Science
    State Politics & Policy Quarterly
  • 2006
Do term limits constrain a legislature's ability to produce complex and broad policy? I investigate this question by examining patterns of policymaking in six states before and after term limits went

Parties, Term Limits, and Representation in the U.S. States

This research examines how severing the electoral connection influences legislative behavior. Unlike previous studies of legislative shirking, we argue for a more nuanced conceptualization that takes

Term Limits and the Increased Election of Women: Evidence From State Legislatures and the U.S. House of Representatives

This study seeks to determine if term limits increase the likelihood of women being elected to legislative seats. Using a simple comparison of growth rates, we found that, during the initial period

Power to the People: Checking Special Interests in California

THE CALIFORNIA Journal of Politics & Policy Volume 4, Issue 1 Power to the People: Checking Special Interests in California Stacy B. Gordon Fisher, University of Nevada, Reno Kimberly L. Nalder,

The Effects of Legislative Term Limits on State Fiscal Conditions

Advocates of term limits argued that term limits would help reduce out-of-control government spending by removing veteran legislators who became acclimated to the prospending environment in our

Do Term Limits Restrain State Fiscal Policy? Approaches for Causal Inference in Assessing the Effects of Legislative Institutions

Scholars of state politics are often interested in the causal effects of legislative institutions on policy outcomes. For example, during the 1990s a number of states adopted term limits for state

The Politics of Precision

Policy delegation is, in part, a function of the precision of statutes—the more ambiguous or open-ended the statute, the more decisions are delegated to agencies and the courts. Moreover, the study

Reexamining the Institutional Effects of Term Limits in U.S. State Legislatures

Research on term limits suggests that they have substantial consequences for the power of legislatures vis-a-vis the executive and interest groups and for the relationship between leaders and

The Third House : Group Bills in the California State Legislature

The extent to which groups are involved in the legislative process and legislator decisionmaking is of interest to legislative scholars, but difficult to empirically study because of the private



The test of time : coping with legislative term limits

Part 1 Introduction: Clues from Term Limits at Two Part 2 Experiencing Term Limits Chapter 3 California: The New Amateur Politics Chapter 4 Michigan: The End is Near Chapter 5 Maine: The Cutting Edge

Redistricting: California 1971-2001

The struggle for control over redistricting has been at the core of California politics since 1970, sparking extremely bitter partisan strife and ultimately undermining bot the legitimacy and the

A Rage for Justice: The Passion and Politics of Phillip Burton

This political biography of Phillip Burton (1926-1983) is the riveting story of one of the most brilliant, driven, and productive legislators of his--or indeed any--era of American politics. A

California Government Today: Politics of Reform

California - critical state. Califonrnia - Its people and politics. Elections in california: voters, candidates and campaigns. Direct democracy - power to the people. Interst groups and lobbyists: in

Partisan and Ideological Polarization in the California Electorate

The textbook image of the California electorate as unusually independent, moderate, antipartisan, and prone to ticket splitting is badly out of date. As in Washington, DC, increased partisan

Knowledge and Power in the Post Term Limits Era: The Effects of Term Limits on Committee Chief Consultants in the California Legislature

  • paper for Political Science
  • 2001