Adapting to Climate: A Case Study on Riverine Flood Risks in the Netherlands

  title={Adapting to Climate: A Case Study on Riverine Flood Risks in the Netherlands},
  author={Richard S. J. Tol and Nicolien M. Van Der Grijp and Alexander A. Olsthoorn and Peter E. van der Werff},
  journal={Risk Analysis},
Climate change may well lead to an increased risk of river floods in the Netherlands. However, the impacts of changes in water management on river floods are larger, either enhancing or reducing flood risks. Therefore, the abilities of water‐management authorities to learn that climate and river flows are changing, and to recognize and act upon the implications, are of crucial importance. At the same time, water‐management authorities respond to other trends, such as the democratization of… 
Adapting to climate-induced sea level rise on the Gold Coast: lessons from the Netherlands
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  • Political Science, Environmental Science
  • 2014
Sea level rise poses significant risks to the Gold Coast, which is particularly vulnerable to coastal retreat, inundation and flooding. Drawing on policy transfer literature as the conceptual
Hazard Mitigation, Economic Development and Resilience: A Comparative Analysis of Flood Control Policy and Practice in Germany, The Netherlands, and Great Britain
Certain parts of Europe have a long history of coastal and riverine flood disasters with major losses of human lives. Structural mitigation practices have reduced direct loss of human life from flood
Transboundary flood management in the Rhine basin: challenges for improved cooperation.
  • G. Becker, J. Aerts, D. Huitema
  • Business
    Water science and technology : a journal of the International Association on Water Pollution Research
  • 2007
Suggestions are made to improve cooperation to generate a common problem perception and problem analysis, to develop a common vision for future flood strategies and to create a network of discussion platforms to promote social learning.
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The objectives of this study were (1) to quantify river floods shared by more than one country, that is, transboundary river floods and (2) to grasp more fully the degree of vulnerability of people
Civil protection and climate change impacts in the Netherlands: Local risk perceptions and actions
Being a delta, one third of the Dutch territory consists of flood-prone areas. This article discusses how the local civil protection system in the Netherlands responds to increasing climate


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Climate change and insurance : a critical appraisal
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