Adapting The Directed Grid Theorem into an FPT Algorithm

  title={Adapting The Directed Grid Theorem into an FPT Algorithm},
  author={Victor A. Campos and Raul Lopes and Ana Karolinna Maia and Ignasi Sau},
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A half-integral Erd\H{o}s-P\'osa theorem for directed odd cycles

. We prove that there exists a function f : N → R such that every directed graph G contains either k directed odd cycles where every vertex of G is contained in at most two of them, or a set of at

Excluding a Planar Matching Minor in Bipartite Graphs

A version of Erdős-Pósa property for matching minors is introduced and a direct link between this property and planarity is found and it follows that a class of bipartite graphs with perfect matchings has bounded perfect matching width if and only if it excludes a planar matching minor.

Digraphs of directed treewidth one



The Directed Grid Theorem

The grid theorem is confirmed in full generality to all classes of digraphs excluding a fixed undirected graph as a minor and is able to improve results by Reed 1996 on disjoint cycles of length at least l and by Kawarabayoshi, Kobayashi, Kreutzer on quarter-integral disJoint paths.

An Excluded Grid Theorem for Digraphs with Forbidden Minors

This paper proves the conjecture that the existence of a function f: N → N such that every digraph of directed tree-width at least f(k) contains a directed grid of order k and proves the excluded grid theorem for the case of digraphs excluding a fixed undirected graph as a minor.

Excluding A Grid Minor In Planar Digraphs

The conjecture that a digraph of huge tree-width has a large "cylindrical grid" minor is proved, not only for planar digraphs, but many steps of the proof work in general.

Towards Tight(er) Bounds for the Excluded Grid Theorem

Complexity of finding embeddings in a k -tree

This work determines the complexity status of two problems related to finding the smallest number k such that a given graph is a partial k-tree and presents an algorithm with polynomially bounded (but exponential in k) worst case time complexity.

An algorithmic metatheorem for directed treewidth

The Erdos-Posa Property for Directed Graphs

A complete characterisation of the class of strongly connected digraphs which have the Erd˝ os-Posa-property is obtained (both for topological and butterfly minors) and this result is generalised to classes of dig graphs which are not strongly connected.

Towards a Polynomial Kernel for Directed Feedback Vertex Set

Two main contributions are provided: a polynomial kernel for this problem on general instances, and a linear kernel for the case where the input digraph is embeddable on a surface of bounded genus.

Digraph decompositions and monotonicity in digraph searching

Subexponential parameterized algorithms on bounded-genus graphs and H-minor-free graphs

We introduce a new framework for designing fixed-parameter algorithms with subexponential running time---2O(&kradic;) nO(1). Our results apply to a broad family of graph problems, called