Adaptation to capsaicin within and across days.

  title={Adaptation to capsaicin within and across days.},
  author={Donald H. McBurney and Carey D. Balaban and Derek Christopher and Caroline Harvey},
  journal={Physiology & behavior},
  volume={61 2},
Subjects judged the time-course of the burn caused by 100 ppm capsaicin applied to the tongue on Day 1 and Day 5. On Days 2-4, they tasted hard candy containing capsaicin. Most subjects did not show adaptation within Day 1, but either plateaued after about 16 min or rose monotonically for the entire 34 min. Intensity was less on Day 5 and levelled off or declined for most subjects. Data were fit to a mathematical model of adaptation. Adaptation across days was accounted for by changes in the… CONTINUE READING

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