Adaptation of phosphate transport in phosphate-deprived LLC-PK1 cells.

  title={Adaptation of phosphate transport in phosphate-deprived LLC-PK1 cells.},
  author={Joseph Caverzasio and Clinton D Brown and Juerg Biber and J.- P. Bonjour and Heini Murer},
  journal={The American journal of physiology},
  volume={248 1 Pt 2},
Sodium-dependent transport of phosphate was studied in LLC-PK1 cells that had been deprived of phosphate (Pi). Compared with control cells (fed with 2 mM Pi) a twofold increase in the rate of Na-Pi cotransport was observed in cells incubated for 15 h in a phosphate-free medium, whereas transport of L-alanine and the specific activity of alkaline phosphatase were not changed. The same adaptive response was observed with apical membrane vesicles isolated from Pi-deprived cells. In both… CONTINUE READING
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