Adaptation of facial architecture in the Toulouse deformity (23.10.92)

  title={Adaptation of facial architecture in the Toulouse deformity (23.10.92)},
  author={Fran{\'e}ois Janot and Catherine Strazielle and M Awazu Pereira Da Silva and Oliver Cussenot},
  journal={Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy},
1Laboratoire d'EpidEmiologie et d'Odontologie L6gale, 2Laboratoire de Neuroanatomie Fonctionelle, Facult6 de Chirurgie Dentaire de Nancy 1, 96, avenue de Lattre de Tassigny, BP 3087, F-540t3 Nancy Cedex, France 3URA No. 49, Laboratoire d'Anthropologie, MNHN, Mus6e de l'Homme, 17, place du Trocad6ro, F-75016 Paris, France 4Laboratoire d'Anatomie, UFR Biom6dicale des Saints P~res, Paris V, Facult6 de M6decine Paris VII, Paris, France 

Zygomatic bone shape in intentional cranial deformations: a model for the study of the interactions between skull growth and facial morphology

The fact that external mechanical constraints on the skull vault influence midfacial growth is illustrated by showing how different types of ICDs cause specific zygomatic shape modifications corresponding to different degrees of retrusion.



Modifications of the skull base in artificial deformations of the circumference of the head

The existence of a region little subject to modelling combining the body of the sphenoid and the basilar and lateral portions of the occiput was confirmed as regards the chondrocranium, whereas the peripheral structures of the base were remodelled like the membranous structure of the vault of the neurocranium.

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