Adaptation of an existing measure to assess professionals’ attitudes regarding the importance of involving fathers in interventions with families

  title={Adaptation of an existing measure to assess professionals’ attitudes regarding the importance of involving fathers in interventions with families},
  author={Christine L M Gervais and Sophie Meunier and Francine deMontigny and Diane Dubeau},
  journal={Science of Nursing and Health Practices - Science infirmi{\`e}re et pratiques en sant{\'e}},
  • C. Gervais, S. Meunier, D. Dubeau
  • Published 26 June 2018
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Science of Nursing and Health Practices - Science infirmière et pratiques en santé
Introduction: Despite greater father participation in child care/rearing nowadays and the challenge of involving fathers in nursing interventions, no instrument exists to measure professional attitudes toward father involvement in family interventions. Objectives: The aim of this study was to adapt an existing measure that assesses nurse… 


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Experiences of community health nurses regarding father participation in child health care
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The findings showed that although some subscales still deviated from a normal distribution, the variability of the scores and the homogeneity was improved and the dimensionality was reproduced and minor problems with differential item functioning for gender were detected.
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The literature review support the idea that the father’s involvement during pregnancy and delivery can positively influence health outcomes for the man, his partner, and their children, however, little help is offered to the majority of men regarding parenting.