Adaptable Object Request Brokers for Information Survivability of Evolvable Real-Time Command and Control Systems


This paper describes an approach to building adaptable and evolvable real-time command and control (C2) systems. In particular, it presents an overview of the Evolvable and Adaptable Real-Time Distributed Object Management projects carried out at the MITRE Corporation ana‘ then discusses information survivability aspects for such systems. In particular issues on integrating security, real-time and fault tolerance requirements will be discussed 1. OVERVIEW Between now and the early part of the next century, significant portions of today’s real-time C3 systems will become either functionally inadequate or logistically insupportable. Such systems need to change as new requirements are imposed in any of the many component systems. System changes can result from new external functional requirements or changes to operational or maintenance processes. It is also desirable for the systems to take advantage of the technological developments in hardware and software. A real-time C3 system should not only carry out the functions of a command and control system such as tracking and surveillance, weapons control, and display, it must also meet the timing constraints imposed. Current real-time C3 systems include Air Force’s AWACS, Joint services’ JOINT STARS, and Navy’s BSY-2. Due to the continuing budget reductions, new developments of next generation real-time C3 systems may not be possible. Therefore, current real-time C3 systems need to become easier, faster, and less costly to upgrade in capability and easier to support. What is needed is an approach to evolve current real-time C3 systems into the extensible systems required for the future. Further ore these systems have to adaptable to handle various processing requirements as well as threats. That is, next generation command and control systems have to survive from various faults and threats. 0-7695-0468-X/99 $10.00

DOI: 10.1109/FTDCS.1999.818811

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