Ada: a Playful Interactive Space

  title={Ada: a Playful Interactive Space},
  author={Tobi Delbr{\"u}ck and Kynan Eng and Andreas B{\"a}bler and Ulysses Bernardet and Mark Blanchard and Adam Briska and M{\'a}rcio O. Costa and Rodney J. Douglas and Klaus Hepp and David Klein and J{\^o}natas Manzolli and Matti Mintz and Fabian Roth and Ueli Rutishauser and Klaus Wassermann and Aaron Wittmann and Adrian M. Whatley and Reto Wyss and Paul F. M. J. Verschure},
This paper and the accompanying video describe Ada, an immersive 160m space for human-machine interaction. Ada is conceived as an artificial organism that plays with its visitors, with multi-modal sensors consisting of pressure-sensitive floor tiles, microphones for localising and recognising sounds, and pan-tilt video cameras called gazers. Her output… CONTINUE READING