AdS solutions in gauge supergravities and the global anomaly for the product of complex two-cycles

  title={AdS solutions in gauge supergravities and the global anomaly for the product of complex two-cycles},
  author={Andrei A. Bytsenko and Emilio Elizalde},
  journal={The European Physical Journal C},
Cohomological methods are applied for the special set of solutions corresponding to rotating branes in arbitrary dimensions, AdS black holes (which can be embedded in ten or eleven dimensions), and gauge supergravities. A new class of solutions is proposed, the Hilbert modular varieties, which consist of the 2n-fold product of the two-spaces Hn/Γ (where Hn denotes the product of n upper half-planes, H2, equipped with the co-compact action of Γ⊂SL(2,ℝ)n) and (Hn)∗/Γ (where (H2)∗=H2∪{cusp of… 
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