Ad hoc sensor network experimentation using the RCX by Mindstorms


In this paper we present work in progress on sensor networks, specifically the testing of our hypotheses and improvements made to the platform we chose for prototyping: The RCX by Mindstorms. RCX is better known for its practical robotics characteristics and it has a wide set of running applications developed by the community; however, we identified some internal characteristics such as the micro operating environment and minimal resources, like computing power, battery among others, that made it a good prospect for being considered as a ready-node in an ad hoc network, a unique assignment for it. Having an existent ready-node for sensor ad hoc networks prepared to behave as one is distinctive, and we take the opportunity to describe in this paper why the RCX can be advantageous and suitable for these activities. We will introduce a new ad hoc communication protocol with special characteristics that has been implemented and still is in the stage of experimentation and collection of data, running on a group of RCX over a modified version of LegOS using the infrared interface. The introduced Find-a-friend communication protocol, proposes a simple mechanism for establishing communication in an autonomous and self-configured group of nodes.

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