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  title={Ad-a 280 559},
  author={Ronald W. Stout and Susan B. Mitchell and Michael and D. and Parkinson and Ralph E. Miles and William H. Wolfe and Dr. W. G. Ronald and Warner and Rejina Daniel and Mahon and Basil D. Franz and Armstrong}
This paper reports the epidemiology of hospital-diagnosed acute viral hepatitis in US Air Force personnel from 1980-1989. First hospitalizations for viral hepatitis generally declined, ranging from 24.6 to 47.2 per 100,000 personnel. Hepatitis rates were higher among men, (RR = 1.3; 95% C.I., 1.1 1.5) and higher among blacks, compared to whites (RR = 1.4; 95% C.I., 1.3 1.6). Analysis of risk associated with various occupations demonstrated an increased risk of viral hepatitis for procedurally… CONTINUE READING