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Ad Hoc Mobile Wireless Networking

  title={Ad Hoc Mobile Wireless Networking},
  author={Sujoy Mukherjee},
The growing interest in mobile ad hoc network techniques has resulted in many routing protocol proposals. Scalability issues in ad hoc networks are attracting increasing attention these days. In this article a survey brings out the different routing protocols that address scalability. Quality of Service (QoS) in ad hoc networks seldom considers the scalability issues. So, at the end of the paper, bandwidth management and congestion control so achieved by the routing protocols has been discussed… 

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Survey Analysis of Routing Protocols and Mobility Models in MANETs
This paper discusses about various MANET routing protocols such as Proactive, Reactive, Hybrid, their types, comparison of routing protocols, mobility models in MANET, performance matrices that evaluate the performance of MANet routing protocols and applications of MANET.
A Competitive Study among different Hybrid Routing Protocols using High Quality GSM Voice as Input
The main concentration of this paper is on routing protocols of MANETs, which basically examines the performance of diverse routing protocols based on different performance metrics like number of packets sent, number of packet received,Number of packets dropped etc.


Routing and multicast in multihop, mobile wireless networks
  • C. Chiang, M. Gerla
  • Computer Science
    Proceedings of ICUPC 97 - 6th International Conference on Universal Personal Communications
  • 1997
It is shown that the multicast protocol is robust to mobility, has low bandwidth overhead and latency, scales well with membership group size, and can be generalized to other wireless infrastructures.
Dynamic Source Routing in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks
This paper presents a protocol for routing in ad hoc networks that uses dynamic source routing that adapts quickly to routing changes when host movement is frequent, yet requires little or no overhead during periods in which hosts move less frequently.
Scalable routing strategies for ad hoc wireless networks
A large population of mobile stations that are interconnected by a multihop wireless network is considered, with the need to support multimedia communications, with low latency requirements for interactive traffic and quality-of-service (QoS) support for real-time streams (voice/video).
Ad-hoc on-demand distance vector routing
  • C. Perkins, E. Belding-Royer
  • Computer Science
    Proceedings WMCSA'99. Second IEEE Workshop on Mobile Computing Systems and Applications
  • 1999
An ad-hoc network is the cooperative engagement of a collection of mobile nodes without the required intervention of any centralized access point or existing infrastructure and the proposed routing algorithm is quite suitable for a dynamic self starting network, as required by users wishing to utilize ad- hoc networks.
Landmark routing for large ad hoc wireless networks
  • M. Gerla, X. Hong, G. Pei
  • Computer Science
    Globecom '00 - IEEE. Global Telecommunications Conference. Conference Record (Cat. No.00CH37137)
  • 2000
An enhanced version of the routing protocol, Landmark Ad Hoc Routing (LANMAR), that combines the features of Fisheye State Routing and Landmark routing and features landmark election to cope with the dynamic and mobile environment is presented.
An ad hoc network with mobile backbones
  • Kaixin Xu, X. Hong, M. Gerla
  • Computer Science
    2002 IEEE International Conference on Communications. Conference Proceedings. ICC 2002 (Cat. No.02CH37333)
  • 2002
This paper presents a design methodology to build a hierarchical large-scale ad hoc network using different types of radio capabilities at different layers and proposes a new stable clustering scheme to deploy the BN.
Making link-state routing scale for ad hoc networks
A novel perspective on the "overhead" of a protocol that includes not only the overhead due to control messages but also due to route sub-optimality is presented, and an analytical model whose solution automatically leads to the best algorithm in this class is formed.
A distributed routing algorithm for mobile wireless networks
A loop-free, distributed routing protocol for mobile packet radio networks intended for use in networks where the rate of topological change is not so fast as to make “flooding” the only possible routing method, but not so slow to make one of the existing protocols for a nearly-static topology applicable.
An efficient routing protocol for wireless networks
WRP reduces the number of cases in which a temporary routing loop can occur, which accounts for its fast convergence properties and its performance is compared by simulation with the performance of the distributed Bellman-Ford Algorithm, DUAL, and an Ideal Link-state Algorithm.
A wireless hierarchical routing protocol with group mobility
A novel soft state wireless hierarchical routing protocol-Hierarchical State Routing (HSR) is proposed, which keeps track of logical subnet movements using home agent concepts akin to Mobile IP.