Acyl-CoA oxidase from Candida tropicalis.

  title={Acyl-CoA oxidase from Candida tropicalis.},
  author={Zhen Y. Jiang and Colin Thorpe},
  volume={22 16},
Acyl coenzyme A oxidase (acyl-CoA oxidase) has been isolated in good yield from Candida tropicalis pK 233 grown on n-alkanes. Gel filtration, sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, and measurement of flavin content suggest that the oxidase is an octamer of Mr 75 000 subunits each containing one flavin. The oxidase yields the red semiquinone form on dithionite or photochemical reduction, slowly forms an N-5 adduct with 0.16 M sulfite at pH 7.4, and is rapidly reduced by… CONTINUE READING


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