Acyclovir prevents dissemination of varicella in immunocompromised children.

  title={Acyclovir prevents dissemination of varicella in immunocompromised children.},
  author={Georgette Nyerges and Zs{\'o}fia M{\'e}szner and E Gyarmati and S{\"a}ndor Kerpel-Fronius},
  journal={The Journal of infectious diseases},
  volume={157 2},
Fifty immunocompromised children with varicella who exhibited no signs of dissemination were treated with intravenous acyclovir or placebo in a double-blind, randomized study. Twelve of 25 placebo recipients were withdrawn from treatment because of their deteriorating condition and were given open acyclovir therapy; only one of 25 recipients of acyclovir was similarly withdrawn (P less than .001). Among those patients who did not receive open treatment, acyclovir significantly reduced time to… CONTINUE READING

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