Acute water shortage and health problems in Haiti.

  title={Acute water shortage and health problems in Haiti.},
  author={Stephen B. Thacker and Svetozar Musi{\'c} and Ronnie Pollard and Gretchen Berggren and C Boulos and Tam{\'a}s Nagy and Martin Brutus and M Pamphile and R O Ferdinand and V R Joseph},
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During a severe drought Port-au-Prince, Haiti, lost hydroelectric power for 10 weeks. This led to water shortages in areas of the city dependent on water supplied from electrically driven pumps. In a study of the impact of water restriction on disease, 400 families were randomly selected from two urban areas differentially affected by the water shortage. Disease in children was found to be related to quantity of water used, socioeconomic status, employment of head of household, and family size… CONTINUE READING