Acute transverse myelitis

  title={Acute transverse myelitis},
  author={Miriam Berman and Shad Feldman and Milton Alter and Nelly Zilber and Esther Kahana},
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There have been few population-based studies of acute transverse myelitis (ATM). Therefore, incidence and population selectivity of this disorder in different regions is not well known. Data on all Jewish patients with ATM throughout Israel were collected for the period 1955 through 1975. Based on 62 patients who satisfied rigid diagnostic criteria, the average annual incidence rate was 1.34 per million population. No significant difference in incidence was noted between European American-born… 

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Acute transverse myelitis in childhood

Persisting disability was present in many children with acute transverse myelitis and age at onset below 3 years was associated with worse functional outcomes, while older age at time of diagnosis was associatedwith a better functional outcome.

Acute transverse myelitis in childhood: A single centre experience from North India.

Acute transverse myelitis in childhood: nine cases and review of the literature

A controlled multicenter study is suggested to assess epidemiology, etiology, and prognosis of ATM and the most important differential diagnoses are multiple sclerosis and Guillain‐Barré syndrome with its variants.

Acquired transverse myelopathy in children in the United Kingdom--a 2 year prospective study.

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Prognostic Parameters of Acute Transverse Myelitis in Children

Most children with acute transverse myelitis appear to have a good outcome, and clinical factors predicting good prognosis were cerebrospinal fluid pleocytosis, absence of tetraparesis, and prolonged time to nadir.

Subakute transversale Myelitis mit unterschiedlichen Lyme-Profilen

Transverse myelitis should be included in the differential diagnosis of any patient presenting with acute or subacute myelopathy in association with localized contrast enhancement in the spinal cord especially if flu-like prodromal symptoms were reported.

Prognosis of patients who present with an episode of myelopathy of unknown origin in Malaysia: a retrospective study of 52 patients.

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For the group as a whole, the only factor which appeared to be associated with an increased risk of developing multiple sclerosis was female sex; 67% of 33 female patients went on to develop multiple sclerosis after a mean follow-up period of 5.5 years.



Transverse myelopathy in childhood.

The purpose of the present article is to present 25 cases of transverse myelopathy in childhood and to consider their implications as to etiology, prognosis, and plan of management.

Myelitis following type A2 influenza.

The practicing physician is confronted with a young man with the rarest of the three neurological syndromes associated with influenza, and this diagnosis should probably receive more frequent consideration.


There are numerous reports in the literature, under varying designations, concerning diseases of the spinal cord of undetermined origin, with softening or necrosis the prominent postmortem feature.

Transverse myelopathy in systemic lupus erythematosus.

Systemic lupus erythematosus should be considered in the differential diagnosis of transverse myelopathy because there may be many unsuspected cases.

Acute Spinal Epidural Abscess vs Acute Transverse Myelopathy: A Plea for Neurosurgical Caution

The purpose of this paper is to emphasize the similarities between patients with acute transverse myelopathy and spinal epidural abscess and the importance of early diagnosis and prompt laminectomy in such cases.

Transverse myelitis following selective bronchial arteriography.

A case of transverse myelitis following catheterization of the right fifth intercostal artery is reported here to emphasize the fact that bronchial arteriography is of clinical value.

Radiation myelitis simulating tumor.

A patient treated with radiation therapy for a pharyngeal lymphoepithelioma developed a cervical cord lesion four years later and a myelogram two months prior to death showed a block at the C7-T1 level and a diagnosis of metastatic intramedullary tumor was made.

Ascending myelitis in association with herpes-simplex virus.

TWO distinct neurologic syndromes have been recognized in adults in association with infection with herpes-simplex virus (HSV).1 , 2 Herpetic encephalitis is a severe and often fatal infection, and...

Incomplete transverse myelitis following rabies duck embryo vaccination.

A 41-year-old farmer developed myelitis 14 days after the first inoculation of rabies duck embryo vaccine. The patient received steroids and recovered completely. The use of rabies duck embryo

Myelitis associated with an echovirus.

A case of transverse myelitis associated with echovirus 19 occurred in an adult and is thought to be related to the common inflammatory central nervous system syndromes.