Acute toxicity of mercury to Daphnia magna under different conditions.

  title={Acute toxicity of mercury to Daphnia magna under different conditions.},
  author={Martin Tsz-Ki Tsui and Wen-Xiong Wang},
  journal={Environmental science & technology},
  volume={40 12},
We investigated the variations of acute toxicity of mercury (Hg) in Daphnia magna under different temperatures, population origins, body sizes, and Hg pre-exposures. We measured Hg concentrations in the water and in the surviving daphnids, and used the subcellular fractionation approach to determine Hg in the metal-sensitive fraction (MSF) to predict Hg toxicity. The 24-h median lethal concentrations and 24-h lethal body burden were 12-55 microg L(-1) and 10-26 mg kg(-1) wet wt, respectively… CONTINUE READING

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