Acute toxicity and primary irritation of para-tertiary butylphenol.

  title={Acute toxicity and primary irritation of para-tertiary butylphenol.},
  author={D R Klonne and Robert C. Myers and D J Nachreiner and E R Homan},
  journal={Drug and chemical toxicology},
  volume={11 1},
Para-tertiary butylphenol [(PTBP); the Union Carbide Corporation trademark for this chemical is UCAR Butylphenol 4-T Flake] has applications as a raw material in the manufacture of resins and also as an industrial intermediate. Acute peroral LD50 values (95% confidence limits) of 5.4 (3.6-7.9) g/kg and 3.6 (3.0-4.4) g/kg were obtained for male and female albino rats, respectively. Occluded cutaneous applications of moistened PTBP at 16 g/kg for 24 hr produced no mortalities in male or female… CONTINUE READING


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