Acute tetraethyllead poisoning

  title={Acute tetraethyllead poisoning},
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SummaryTour cases of accidental poisoning with tetraethyllead are described. Three out of four of the patients died.In the first case, pure ethyl fluid was accidentally ingested. Dominating the clinical picture of this patient were signs of greatly elevated intracranial pressure. Three other persons were poisoned as a group. They unknowingly inhaled tetraethyllead contained in a paint solvent they used. In these three cases, the intoxication manifested itself predominantly as a mental disorder… 
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Biochemische Methoden zum Nachweis der Bleivergiftung

After a short description of sources of lead poisoning a review is given of toxicity, absorption, storage and excretion of lead. Afterwards its biochemical affects — especially the influence on the



Triethyllead in the biological material in cases of acute tetraethyllead poisoning

Triethyllead and the total lead were determind in the tissues in three acute fatal cases of tetraethyllead poisoning, with the highest values being observed after EDTA treatment.

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The actions of purified tetra-, tri-, and di-ethyl lead on rats and rat brain slices and brain brei have been examined and brain tissue appears to be unduly sensitive to its toxic action.

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