Acute pulmonary toxicity of urban particulate matter and ozone.

  title={Acute pulmonary toxicity of urban particulate matter and ozone.},
  author={Renaud Vincent and S. G. Bjarnason and Ian Y. R. Adamson and Cressida Hedgecock and Premkumari Kumarathasan and Jos{\'e}e Gu{\'e}nette and M. A. Potvin and Patrick Goegan and L{\'e}o Bouthillier},
  journal={The American journal of pathology},
  volume={151 6},
We have investigated the acute lung toxicity of urban particulate matter in interaction with ozone. Rats were exposed for 4 hours to clean air, ozone (0.8 ppm), the urban dust EHC-93 (5 mg/m3 or 50 mg/m3), or ozone in combination with urban dust. The animals were returned to clean air for 32 hours and then injected (intraperitoneally) with [3H]thymidine to label proliferating cells and killed after 90 minutes. The lungs were fixed by inflation, embedded in glycol methacrylate, and processed for… CONTINUE READING
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