Acute pulmonary response of asthmatics to 3.0 ppm formaldehyde.

  title={Acute pulmonary response of asthmatics to 3.0 ppm formaldehyde.},
  author={L R Sauder and Daniel John Green and M D Chatham and T J Kulle},
  journal={Toxicology and industrial health},
  volume={3 4},
Previous studies have failed to demonstrate bronchoconstriction in unselected asthmatics after brief (less than or equal to 1/2-h), controlled exposures to formaldehyde (HCHO). This study was designed to evaluate the acute pulmonary response to 3 ppm HCHO in nine nonsmoking asthmatic volunteers over a more relevant exposure duration (3 hrs). Pulmonary function, nonspecific airway reactivity and symptoms were assessed before and at intervals during the exposure. No significant changes in… CONTINUE READING

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