Acute profound sensorineural hearing loss as the initial manifestation of Hairy Cell Leukemia, Case Report and literature review

  title={Acute profound sensorineural hearing loss as the initial manifestation of Hairy Cell Leukemia, Case Report and literature review},
  author={Abdulaziz Alenazi and Riyadh Alhedaithy and A. Alfayez and Yazeed Alghonaim},
  journal={International Journal of Surgery Case Reports},
  pages={200 - 203}
Highlights • Hematologic diseases rarely present with sudden hearing lossas an initial symptom.• There are few cases reported the association of hematology disorder with (SSNHL).• This article represents the first reported case of Hairy cell leukemia (HCL), which presented with acute unilateral sudden profound sensorineural hearing loss (SSNHL) as an inital manifestation. 
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Bilateral sudden profound SNHL and vestibular hypofunction is a presenting symptom of hyperviscosity syndrome in hematologic malignancy, and cases with profound hearing loss are unlikely to recover serviceable hearing. Expand


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Both leucophoresis and high dose chemotherapy capable of rapid cytoreduction are recommended in patients with chronic myeloid leukaemia with profound hearing loss, as conventional chemotherapy is rarely followed by recovery. Expand
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Her medical history was significant for a gradual onset of multiple arthralgias at the hip, heels, and distal interphalangeal joints believed to be caused by osteoarthritis with degenerative joint disease. Expand
Sudden hearing loss as the initial manifestation of chronic myeloid leukemia in a child.
This case illustrates that CML should be considered 1 of the rare diagnoses in a patient with sudden onset of hearing loss, followed by left-side hearing loss and blindness of the left eye several days after initiating treatment. Expand
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Hairy cell leukemia (HCL) and HCL‐like disorders, including HCL variant (HCL‐V) and splenic diffuse red pulp lymphoma (SDRPL), are a very heterogeneous group of mature lymphoid B‐cell disorders,Expand
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The occurrence of decompensated metabolic and cardiovascular diseases and the possibility of first manifestation of auto-immune disease and cerebello-pontine angle tumors justify an adequate protocol for investigation of SSNHL. Expand