Acute phase proteins in canine pregnancy (Canis familiaris).

  title={Acute phase proteins in canine pregnancy (Canis familiaris).},
  author={Peter David Eckersall and Michael J A Harvey and Joshua Ferguson and J P Renton and D A Nickson and Jane S. Boyd},
  journal={Journal of reproduction and fertility. Supplement},
An acute phase response has been identified during mid-gestation in bitches by determination of the serum C-reactive protein (CRP) concentration. In four pregnant bitches, a large increase in CRP during mid-gestation was followed by a second increase after parturition. In three pregnant bitches, a similar increase was observed during mid-gestation but the second (post parturition) increase was not detected. In two pregnant bitches only a small rise was observed in mid-gestation. No increase in… CONTINUE READING