Acute near-fatal parainfectious cerebellar swelling with favourable outcome.

  title={Acute near-fatal parainfectious cerebellar swelling with favourable outcome.},
  author={Bernhard Asenbauer and Norman S McConachie and Daivd Allcutt and Michael A. Farrell and Mary Dolores King},
  volume={28 2},
The clinical course, neuro-imaging features and neuropathologic findings in a child with para-infectious acute cerebellar swelling are described. Reversible transtentorial and transforaminal herniations occurred and required emergency posterior fossa decompression with external ventricular drainage. Neuropathologic examination of a cerebellar biopsy demonstrated a subacute pathogen-free cerebellitis. Following neurosurgical intervention and steroid therapy, symptoms and signs resolved and the… CONTINUE READING

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