Acute myelogenous leukemia with Leptotrichia trevisanii bacteremia.

  title={Acute myelogenous leukemia with Leptotrichia trevisanii bacteremia.},
  author={Jin Kumagai and Yasuo Takiguchi and Katsuhiro Shono and Yosuke Suruga and Yoko Akiba and Kyohei Yamamoto and Takashi Terano},
  journal={Internal medicine},
  volume={52 22},
A 74-year-old woman visited an otolaryngology clinic with pharyngeal pain, and was diagnosed with a peritonsillar abscess. She received antibiotics and underwent incisional drainage, but displayed high white blood cell and blast cell counts, and was referred to our hospital. Gram-negative rods (Leptotrichia trevisanii) were detected in blood cultures performed on admission. She was diagnosed with bacteremia and acute myelogenous leukemia (FAB classification: M1). After antibiotic therapy, she… CONTINUE READING