Acute leukaemia immunophenotyping in bone-marrow routine sections.

  title={Acute leukaemia immunophenotyping in bone-marrow routine sections.},
  author={Stefano A Pileri and Stefano Ascani and M. T. Milani and Giuseppe Visani and Milena Piccioli and Giulio Fraternali Orcioni and Susana E Poggi and Elena Sabattini and Daniele Santini and Brunangelo Falini},
  journal={British journal of haematology},
  volume={105 2},
Immunohistochemistry of acute leukaemias in bone-marrow paraffin sections is commonly thought to be useless because of the poor preservation of many lineage-related markers. The recent development of antibodies against fixative-resistant epitopes and of new antigen retrieval techniques, however, has expanded the possibility of accurately testing routine samples. To assess the relevance of paraffin section phenotyping in lineage determination, 110 examples of acute leukaemia were studied by… CONTINUE READING


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