Acute ischaemic colitis: outcome in elderly patients.

  title={Acute ischaemic colitis: outcome in elderly patients.},
  author={Sergio Leardi and Fabiola de Vita and Simona Felici and Rienato Pietroletti and Sante Capitano and Mario Simi},
  journal={Chirurgia italiana},
  volume={58 3},
The Authors report the results of the management of ischaemic colitis in a surgical unit dedicated to elderly patients. Sixty-two elderly patients affected by ischaemic colitis were observed consecutively in the Surgery Unit of the University of L'Aquila from 1986 to 2004. The clinical records of the patients were retrospectively reviewed in order to assess clinical, biohumoral, endoscopic and x-ray findings pre- dictive of the most suitable type of treatment. Clinical follow-up was performed… CONTINUE READING

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