Acute inflammation alters bicarbonate transport in mouse ileum.

  title={Acute inflammation alters bicarbonate transport in mouse ileum.},
  author={Hui Zhang and Nadia Farouk El Ameen and James E Melvin and Sadasivan Vidyasagar},
  journal={The Journal of physiology},
  volume={581 Pt 3},
T-cell mediated acute inflammation of the ileum may occur during Crohn's disease exacerbations. During ileal inflammation, absorption of nutrients and electrolytes by villus cells is decreased with a concomitant increase in crypt and/or villus fluid secretion. These alterations lead to fluid accumulation and the subsequent diarrhoea. Net intestinal fluid secretion consists of HCO3--rich plasma-like fluid. However, the regulation and mechanisms of HCO3- secretion in normal and acutely inflamed… CONTINUE READING