Acute fatty liver of pregnancy

  title={Acute fatty liver of pregnancy},
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ObjectiveAcute fatty liver of pregnancy (AFLP) is a rare and serious entity associated with significant maternal and neonatal mortality and morbidity. We describe our experience with the clinical diagnosis, management and course patients with AFLP.Study designMedical records of patients with AFLP were reviewed over a 10-year period. Records were reviewed for symptoms, laboratory findings, clinical course, and maternal and perinatal outcomes.ResultsThe incidence of AFLP was 1 in 7,270 births… 
Pregnancy-Specific Liver Disorders: Acute Fatty Liver
Advances in knowledge of pathogenesis, earlier diagnosis, and improvements in both maternal and neonatal critical care have resulted in increased survival rates and further research is still needed to improve maternal and fetal outcomes and decrease the number of deaths due to this rare condition.
Liver Biopsy in Pregnancy: Two Case Reports and Review of the Literature
The most recent evidence regarding the safety and outcomes of the procedure in pregnancy is summarized to assist clinicians in their decision to perform a liver biopsy during pregnancy or postpone it until after delivery.
Utility of MELD scoring system for assessing the prognosis of acute fatty liver of pregnancy.
A guide to the management of hepatitis E infection during pregnancy
Infection with HEV genotype 1 or 2 in pregnancy, especially in the third trimester may lead to severe illness and fulminant liver failure and therapeutic termination of pregnancy cannot be recommended.
Differentiation of acute fatty liver of pregnancy from syndrome of hemolysis , 3 elevated liver enzymes , and low platelet counts 4 5 Short title : AFLP and HELLP syndrome
ed from the database of PubMed (1979 – December 2012) using the search 67 terms including “acute fatty liver of pregnancy”, “HELLP syndrome”, and “liver 68 AFLP and HELLP syndrome 5 dysfunction in
Acute Complications of Pregnancy
Acute Fatty Liver of Pregnancy: Pathophysiology, Anesthetic Implications, and Obstetrical Management
A narrative review of the pathophysiology, diagnosis, management, delivery implications, obstetric anesthesia care, and potential critical care needs in patients presenting with acute fatty liver of
Viscoelastic Hemostatic Assays for Postpartum Hemorrhage
The use of VHAs in predicting and treating PPH, although in an incipient state, can fulfill the need for a point-of-care test that can equip obstetricians with rapid results on developing coagulopathic states.
Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Acute Fatty Liver of Pregnancy
An overview of AFLP and mitochondrial FAO is provided followed by discussion of how altered mitochondrial function plays an important role in the pathogenesis of AFCP.
Hepatitis E Virus Infection in Children
Among children, the risk of HEV infection increases with age, with serologic studies demonstrating peak incidence in early adulthood and pregnant women and individuals with underlying liver disease are at highest risk for morbidity and mortality.


Acute fatty liver of pregnancy in 3 tertiary care centers.
Acute fatty liver of pregnancy: an experience in the diagnosis and management of fourteen cases.
Acute fatty liver of pregnancy associated with pancreatitis: a life-threatening complication.
Acute fatty liver and HELLP syndrome: Two distinct pregnancy disorders
A comparative study documented significantly disparate symptoms, laboratory findings, and complications between women with AFLP and those with HELLP syndrome, implying pathophysiological differences.
Maternal and perinatal outcome in severe pregnancy‐related liver disease
The results of this large series suggest a relatively favorable maternal and perinatal outcome in severe AFLP and HELLP syndrome, likely to be achieved through the prevention of the bleeding and infectious complications associated with these disorders.
Fulminant hepatic failure in pregnant women: acute fatty liver or acute viral hepatitis?
Radiologic studies in acute fatty liver of pregnancy. A review of the literature and 19 new cases.
OBJECTIVE Radiologic findings thought to be characteristic of acute fatty liver of pregnancy have been described in a limited number of cases. We describe wide experience with liver imaging of this
Liver disease in pregnancy.
Some of the normal physiologic changes of pregnancy can mimic abnormalities associated with liver disease, and in an uncomplicated pregnancy, many laboratory-test results may appear abnormal according to standards derived from a nonpregnant population.
Perioperative care of a patient with acute fatty liver of pregnancy.
The following case illustrates the perioperative management of acute fatty liver of pregnancy, a rarely encountered disorder.