Acute exposure to evening blue‐enriched light impacts on human sleep

  title={Acute exposure to evening blue‐enriched light impacts on human sleep},
  author={S. Chellappa and R. Steiner and P. Oelhafen and D. Lang and T. Goetz and Julia Krebs and C. Cajochen},
  journal={Journal of Sleep Research},
  • S. Chellappa, R. Steiner, +4 authors C. Cajochen
  • Published 2013
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Journal of Sleep Research
  • Light in the short wavelength range (blue light: 446–483 nm) elicits direct effects on human melatonin secretion, alertness and cognitive performance via non‐image‐forming photoreceptors. However, the impact of blue‐enriched polychromatic light on human sleep architecture and sleep electroencephalographic activity remains fairly unknown. In this study we investigated sleep structure and sleep electroencephalographic characteristics of 30 healthy young participants (16 men, 14 women; age range… CONTINUE READING
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