Acute effects of streptozotocin diabetes on rat renal function.

  title={Acute effects of streptozotocin diabetes on rat renal function.},
  author={Shane L. Carney and Norman L. M. Wong and John H. Dirks},
  journal={The Journal of laboratory and clinical medicine},
  volume={93 6},
Renal clearance studies were performed on rats both during the administration of streptozotocin and sequentially during the following 8 days as hyperglycemia progressed. Although GFR was depressed 30 min after the drug administration, GFR steadily rose during the following days to become 52% greater than control levels. Renal size did not change during this short period, and it is suggested that glomerular hemodynamic changes are responsible. A maximal tubular reabsorptive capacity for glucose… CONTINUE READING