Acute effects of growth hormone on vascular function in human subjects.

  title={Acute effects of growth hormone on vascular function in human subjects.},
  author={Raffaele Napoli and Vincenzo Guardasole and Valentina Angelini and Francesca D'Amico and Emanuela Zarra and Margherita Matarazzo and Luigi Sacc{\'a}},
  journal={The Journal of clinical endocrinology and metabolism},
  volume={88 6},
GH is involved in the long-term regulation of peripheral vascular resistance and vascular reactivity. We determined whether GH plays a role in the acute regulation of vascular function in humans. The acute vascular effects of GH were studied in eight healthy subjects according to a double-blind, placebo-controlled design. Forearm blood flow (FBF), vascular resistance, and nitric oxide (NO) production were monitored during a 4-h infusion of GH into the brachial artery at a rate chosen to raise… CONTINUE READING

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