Acute effects of acetazolamide (diamox) on plasma and urinary electrolytes of dogs with special reference to calcium.

  title={Acute effects of acetazolamide (diamox) on plasma and urinary electrolytes of dogs with special reference to calcium.},
  author={S. Freeman and A. B. Jacobsen},
  journal={The American journal of physiology},
  volume={191 2},
Administration of Diamox by ingestion or injection to adult fasting female dogs consistently produced an acute increase of approximately 1 mg % in the plasma concentration of calcium. At the same time there was an increase in the plasma phosphate and chloride concentration and a decrease in total plasma content of carbon dioxide of Diamox-infused dogs. Diamox did not affect the plasma concentration of calcium, chloride or bicarbonate if renal excretory function was abolished prior to its… Expand
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