Acute edematous and necrotic pancreatitis in a porcine model.

  title={Acute edematous and necrotic pancreatitis in a porcine model.},
  author={Sanna Meril{\"a}inen and Jyrki Maekelae and Vesa Anttila and V Koivukangas and Hanna Kaakinen and Eija Niemel{\"a} and Pasi Ohtonen and Juha P Risteli and Tuomo J. Karttunen and Ylermi M Soini and Tatu Juvonen},
  journal={Scandinavian journal of gastroenterology},
  volume={43 10},
OBJECTIVE It is unclear why pancreatitis progresses either to mild edematous disease or to severe necrotic disease. The aim of the study was to shed some light on this topic by investigating differences during the early stages of necrotic and edematous pancreatitis. MATERIAL AND METHODS Piglets were randomized into two groups. Necrotic pancreatitis was induced with retrograde injection of 20% taurocholic acid (1 ml/kg), and edematous pancreatitis was induced with 0.9% NaCl (1 ml/kg). Central… CONTINUE READING

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