Acute edema blisters in a hereditary angioedema cutaneous attack.

  title={Acute edema blisters in a hereditary angioedema cutaneous attack.},
  author={Diego S. Fern{\'a}ndez Romero and Pamela Di Marco and Alejandro Malbr{\'a}n},
  journal={Allergologia et immunopathologia},
  volume={36 3},
Hereditary angioedema is a rare autosomal dominant disease characterized by recurrent episodes of acute edema affecting the skin and the respiratory and digestive tracts. Acute edema blisters or hydro-static bullae develop after rapid accumulation of interstitial fluid usually associated to cardiac insufficiency. Lesions contain sterile fluid and break up easily resolving without scars. Blisters disappear when fluid accumulation resolves. We describe a patient developing recurrent acute edema… CONTINUE READING


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