Acute delirium and functional decline in the hospitalized elderly patient.

  title={Acute delirium and functional decline in the hospitalized elderly patient.},
  author={Anna Murray and Sue E. Levkoff and Terrie Wetle and Laurel Beckett and Paul D. Cleary and Joshua D Schor and Lewis A. Lipsitz and John Rowe and Denis A. Evans},
  journal={Journal of gerontology},
  volume={48 5},
BACKGROUND Delirium is often considered a transient cognitive syndrome. Its effect on long-term physical function, however, has not been well defined. METHODS In a prospective study of 325 hospitalized community and nursing home elderly, we analyzed the effect of in-hospital delirium on subsequent physical function. ADL performance was assessed prior to admission, and at 3 and 6 months after hospital discharge. RESULTS There was a strong univariate (unadjusted) association between incident… CONTINUE READING

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